The ParadeRest Leadership Dinner - March 20, 2012

LTG Edward L. Rowny has had the special distinction of serving on the staff for General George C. Marshall and later General Douglas MacArthur.  During the lecture, General Rowny will share his personal experiences and compare and contrast the leadership styles of two monumental leaders, Marshall and MacArthur.

LTG Rowny was born on April 3, 1917.  He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1941.  He lead combat troops in Africa and Italy during World War II from 1942-1945 and in the Korean conflict from 1950-1952.  Rowny was one of the key strategic planners and spokesman for the Inchon Landing.  In 1962, as a brigadier general he introduced the first armed helicopters into Vietnam.  Rowny served as arms control advisor and negotiator to five presidents: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush.  In 1989, President Reagan awarded Ambassador Rowny the Presidential Citizen's Medal.  The citation reads: "Edward L. Rowny has been one of the principal architects of America's policy of peace through strength."  As an arms negotiator and presidential advisor, Rowny has served mightily, courageously, and nobly in the cause of peace and freedom.

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