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From November 25th, 2015

Senator Mark Warner Takes Videos of Vets to Library of Congress


Virginia Senator Mark Warner (D) visited the University of Virginia Wednesday to accept a unique Veterans Day gift. 

The senator picked up more than 50 videos to take to the Library of Congress, each video telling a story of a veteran from central Virginia who served during World War II.

It’s part of a new Parade Rest project called Nickel for Your Story. Parade Rest is a nonprofit run by students that supports military personnel, veterans, and their families.


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From November 11th, 2015

Collective memories: A local nonprofit records area soldiers’ stories of World War II

 Photo: Amy Jackson and Jackson Smith, Cville

Photo: Amy Jackson and Jackson Smith, Cville

Before the movie began, anyone in the audience who was a World War II veteran was asked to come stand in front of the stage of the Paramount. ParadeRest, a local nonprofit, had organized a screening of the film Patton for veterans and their families on Memorial Day 2014. About 15 men stood together, some dressed in their military caps or jackets adorned with patches, others in suit jackets and bow ties. The men, part of the Greatest Generation, earned a standing ovation.

That event sparked an idea for Dr. Gregory Saathoff, psychiatrist and associate professor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and one of the founders of ParadeRest, which helps distribute event tickets to military veterans and their families in the area (the organization’s database has about 800 members). ParadeRest had learned about the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project in which veterans share their memories of World War II. Seeing those men gathered together at the Paramount showed there was a large population of servicemen and women in the area who could contribute to the nation’s collective memory. ParadeRest’s version of the project, which was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, is called Nickel for Your Story.