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From May 24th, 2015

ParadeRest screening brings tears to audience members' eyes at the Paramount

By Michael Bragg

Ryan M Kelly, The Daily Progress

Ryan M Kelly, The Daily Progress

A screening of the film “Taking Chance” brought tears to many in the audience at the Paramount Theater on Sunday.

ParadeRest, a local nonprofit geared toward helping area military members and their families, hosted the free Memorial Day weekend screening.

“Taking Chance” is based on the true story of Marine Lt. Col. Mike Strobl, who in 2004 escorted the remains of a Marine, 19-year-old Chance Phelps, who was killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom, back to his home in Wyoming.

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March 24th, 2015

Film Screening Honors Local Soldiers Who Have Fallen

By Cherney Amhara

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (NEWSPLEX) -- This Memorial Day weekend, dozens chose to observe the holiday by honoring military veterans from Central Virginia who lost their lives in the service.

Residents were able to do so because of the the Charlottesville nonprofit veterans outreach organization Parade Rest, which partnered up with the The Paramount to hold a screening of the film "Taking Chance," based on the real life story of a veteran.

Those in attendance said the film helped them not only to be grateful of those who fought, but it was way to understand the depth of the ultimate sacrifice.

"We hope to make them think about why we have this weekend and how real the impact is for the people serving." said Rebecca Lystash, program coordinator for Parade Rest.

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