ParadeRest Virginia

Over 7,500 tickets donated to veterans and their families.

Glad I got an email about this event. We had such a great time tonight watching the globe trotters. Thank you very much for my tickets, we had a blast!

-- Josh Hamilton, ParadeRest Member

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Are you a military service member, a veteran, a new recruit, or a dependent?

If so, you are eligible to receive free tickets through ParadeRest.

Use ParadeRest as the “Customer Code” when creating your account.

How it Works:

Receiving and using tickets:

You will receive a confirmation email confirming that we have received your request within 24 hours of your ticket request

ParadeRest’s goal is to provide all members whether officer or enlisted, veteran or active duty service member, the opportunity to request tickets to UVA sports events and community activities. Early requests are appreciated following the announcement of tickets.  In order to be fair we do not operate solely on a first come, first served basis. We try to respond to ticket requests at least one week before an event.  We cannot guarantee that requests made within 48 hours of the event will be approved. If you receive tickets, we will email you instructions with information on how to claim your tickets. You will typically be able to pick up the tickets at the venues’ will-call booth with proper photo identification. If you were not assigned tickets, we will email you at least a week before the event to let you know.

ParadeRest has a strict no-show policy. Failure to attend an event for which you were given tickets will jeopardize your chances of receiving future tickets. If something comes up and  you cannot make it to the event, we require 48 hours notice so we have time to reassign the tickets to one of the many other ParadeRest members who would be happy to have them.

Visit our Community Partners page to look at the ticket opportunities that are available.

Verification of Military Service

When you sign-up for ParadeRest, you will be required to provide proof of your military service. The verification process is as simple as sending us an email from a .mil email address. If you are not active duty military, then visual verification of a DD 214 form, or a retired military ID, will also be sufficient proof. Please look for an email from our staff requesting verification within 48 hours of signing up for the program.